Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ladies Day {Oaks Day}

Its Brisbane Racing Carnival and ANY chance my girlfriend Chelsea and I get to go to the races, we take full advantage of...

What girl wouldn't?? You get to drink lots of champagne, dress up and wear a fascinator....oh and you may even see some horses race! lol

This time Chelsea knew of a group of 40 or so lovely ladies that had planned a day at Doomben for Oaks Day and we were able to join them.

We had an absolute ball, we all caught a bus in together but Chelsea and I spent majority of the day pottering around here, there and everywhere. We ended up getting free champagne, free tappas, free shoe inserts (for sore feet), we had a meet and greet with the stunning X-factor star Samantha Jade and even entered Fashions of the Field for some fun, in which by some fluke I made the finals.

Another thing we did without even meaning to do was enter a competition to have our face on a Billboard to promote the upcoming Stradboke Cup Day, and funnily enough we actually won. There were a handful of people chosen and we were two of them..hilarious!!! :-)

We placed a decent number of bets on the horses and won a total of $12!!! lol 

Here are some pics of the girlie fun we had track side....

Us in our element at the Sirromet Marquee.

Chelsea and I always take advantage of any makeup touch-up marquees...

Some of the ladies from our group xx

What a roller coaster it was to do this, nerve wracking fun.. :-)

Giddyup horsey! Champagne has well and truly kicked by this stage! haha

Love this girl!

Some of the gorgeous girls we shared the day with at the end of the day...
Our 15 seconds of fame...kind of!

To the right is the emails we received showing what the Billboards were to be, and above is two of the many that we around the city during that week. ;-)

Monday, 23 June 2014

scooter party

Soooo, its that time again! The second birthday in our family for the year. This time Zac (middle boy) is turning 8! It took me all of 2 seconds to decide on his theme, he is super obsessed with bikes, skate boards and SCOOTERS! He was rapt when I suggested a party at an indoor skate park with his best mates for them to ride the ramps to their hearts content. I heard about a place called GC Compound, I went to check it out a month or so before and thought it looked like an awesome spot for a party and my boys were totally impressed!

Every year since my 3 boys were born I have thrown them a decent sized themed birthday at home and I have gotten a little tired of it the past 2 years, so generally now for the older boys I organize a party at a different venue and all I need to do is send out invites, take food and a cake and its done!! So easy :-) The boys love it and so do I, WIN WIN! 
Here are some pics of his "sickest party ever" (quoted by Zac)! 
T H E   C R E W..(minus 2)

I set up a very basic dessert/food table as there was a trestle table available.

Zac's awesome cake, I saw a pic of this on-line and had Judes Cakery make it, she did a fab job!

Zac, the birthday BOI!

Luca x

Jas and the next generation of board riders ;-)


Saturday, 17 May 2014

ANZAC day | elephant rock

Ever since I was a little girl I have always felt very emotional on and about ANZAC day and like to pay my respects and remember those whom lost their lives for our country during ANZAC day services. Each and every time I hear "The Last Post" it brings tears to my eyes. This year was the first time I have attended a dawn service, my family and I went to Elephant Rock, Currumbin on the Gold Coast. Its such a beautiful part of the world and I was sure the service would be lovely.

As people close to me know, I AM NOT a morning person and the thought of rising at 3:30am was a scary thought (lol) but I was so excited to join in the the commemorations it was actually easier than I thought it would be. Getting my boys to wake up was another story...they were sleep walking for the first hour of getting up! ;-)

So, we went...along with around 20,000 other people. We found a nice spot up high on the headland, we had a big screen right near us to see the ceremony up close. With the amount of people, all being quiet and respectful it was such a "feel good" atmosphere on the beach, it was fresh but not a cold morning.
 It was a beautiful service and watching the sun rise over the beach, with a sea of row boats floating just behind the surf break {holding their awes up as a sign of respect} and the sheer mass of people there paying their respects was just perfect. I felt honored and proud to be an Australian.

When the ceremony was over we took a walk along the beach, went down to Elephant Rock and has a play around the rocks and water. There was a group of Soldiers with their horses which we were able to pat and take photos.

After this was over we went and met up with the family for breakfast. We went to a Cafe called "Paleo", silly "unhealthy" me thought that was just a name for a restaurant and had no idea about the Paleo eating craze..I couldn't find anything on the menu to eat so I ordered a "cup of tea" haha!! It was still a lovely way to finish off the morning.

From there, we went back to our hotel for "40 winks" then headed out for the afternoon. We had planned on going to the Currumbin RSL for TWO-UP but unfortunately children are not permitted, so my husband went in and caught up with mates and I took the boys down to Surfers Paradise for some lunch, shopping and a play on the beach. We had such a fun afternoon. Hubby did well also, he came out from playing some two-up $300 in front!

It was a fantastic day, one I will always remember and will definitely go back there for the Dawn Service another time.

4am wake up call isn't easy for a kid *YAWWWNNNNNN

My favorite photo from the day...(taken by my husband) comes the sun little darlin'.....
My idea of a PALEO brekky ;-)
Luca and his lovely Aunty Sharna xx
Rhys, Daddy, Nannie and Zac xx

Memorial at Surfers Paradise Beach.

A perfect ending to a wonderful Anzac day, on the beach with my boys xo

Monday, 14 April 2014

eat | drink | shop | dance | melbourne

My first ever time in Melbourne will be one weekend that I will never forget. My girlfriend Chelsea and I planned a 3 day girls shopping weekend in Melbourne, with both of us being mothers of just boys we occasionally crave "girl time". Well it didn't get much girlier than this, starting our trip with champagne, mani's and pedi's we jam packed as much as physically possible into our "time out". Sleep wasn't really on the agenda, so we literally shopped and partied till we dropped. It was the of the best times I have had in my life and completely fell in love with Melbourne City.

Here a some pics of our little escape xx

Chelsea doing some serious research on the plane trip. ;-)

We're HERRREE!!!

Just arrived and already offerd drinks "on the house" CHEERS!!!

Next stop, nails!

Our first shopping experience was in Zara, I think we were in there for a good two hours (on our first time in there, we went back again), we lost each other with excitement and spent majority of our budget there too.

Yummy Vietnamese.

Here we go, our first night out on the town! This started off average, ended up being one of the best nights we've ever had. Crazy and funny memories were certainly made!

Crown Casino, more drinks on the house! WINNING!!

Not the most attractive picture, but oh so fun!!!

Time for some serious shopping, on our way to Bridge Road. { I was hung over a hell. :-( }

Lygon Street Italian Precinct for dinner, a wonderful Melbourne experience bartering for the best dinner.

More cocktails...

                                                   OMG, if you haven't been, you MUST go to Brunetti  for coffee and cake!! TO-DIE-FOR!!!!

Her Majesty's Theatre.

The Spice Market, Nite Club.

We were lucky enough to be in Melbourne for the one night a year that "White Night" was on. This is Flinders Street Station all lit up. It was a great atmosphere in the City with around 500, 000 people enjoying the festivities. 

I LOVED all the Lane ways throughout the City, especially the Graffiti lanes!

Night two, lets do this!!!

Day 3, shopping the city and Harbour Town.


I was super excited to ride the trams, something I had not done before.

This is what you would call SUCCESS!!!!

This time we were on our way to St Kilda for dinner and sight seeing.

Luna Park, Port Phillip Bay St Kilda.

Our final night out in Melbourne, keeping up the cheeky selfies!

Reality hits, we are going home.... :-(