Monday, 28 January 2013

the big wet

Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald hit Bundaberg a few days ago, there were also mini Tornadoes that hit north Queensland, all this has created wild weather conditions throughout S.E. Queensland. I went out for a walk yesterday afternoon to check out the damage down the end of the estate where we live, and this morning went out again on my local walking track. Here are a few pictures, the carnage of what strong winds and rain can create.

This was almost wrapped around the tree.

Half of a tinny.

Such a beautiful clear morning, so very different from the days before.

This didn't do much good!

Boats washed up all over the place.

The footpath, completely covered in debris from the bay, the waters must have risen so high.

Our local park, all shade sails torn off.

There are so many trees just ripped out by the roots everywhere, some very very large ones too.

This is the normally pristine footpath that I walk along, completely covered in mountains of seaweed.

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