Saturday, 19 October 2013

pole dancing

Another crazy thing I started up this year is "Pole Dancing". I started on my own, not knowing anyone at The Pole Gym. Since day one its been nothing but fun! I have made such lovely friends and met so many wonderful girls in my time there. Its been really hard at times,  sometimes very painful, have had COPIOUS amounts of bruising and it really has pushed me to my limits and through my whinging, moaning and "I can't do this'" I have loved every minute. 

The way it works is, you start on level 1 and over the course of 6 weeks (a term) you learn a choreographed routine. The routines involve various dance moves, spins and tricks, with each level the degree of difficulty rises. Somehow I have managed to make it to level 7 and am half way through it at the moment. The last level is 8 and then if you are ready and skilled enough you will be asked to join in the Graduates. 

Every two terms The Pole Gym puts on a Performance Night for us to showcase their routines to family and friends. There is a different theme each time and each level/group decides on costuming and the theme is always based on what performance the Grad's are doing. Its such a great night and its exciting to get together with your girls, have some fun and cheer each other on whilst watching all levels perform what they have been working so hard on over that past 3 months. 
Most people have the wrong perception about Pole Dancing, what we do is nothing like what "Strippers" do. Its all about fun and fitness and we don not take our clothes off. lol Sometimes we laugh at how unflattering some of the tricks and positioning we are learning can look and say "how could anyone think this is sexy"? lol We all feel like one big "Pole Family" and there is no discrimination, no matter what your age, size or shape. 
Here are some pictures of tricks I have learnt so far and some fun that I get to have along the way. If Pole Dancing is something you have wanted to try but haven't, I say get out there and give it a go. Its such an empowering thing to do and your strength will really improve in the will love it! 
A few of my FAV girls out and being silly on any pole we could find and its happened to be a street sign pole! haha

Two of my lovely friends (that have joined up since seeing how much I love Pole) on the most recent Performance Night. They are now addicted too.  

Some of us were lucky enough to go and watch the Queensland Pole Championships. 

One of The Pole Gym's motto's is "Life looks so much better when you're upside down", for me when I am upside down I lose all sense of direction and can't tell where I am or what I am doing, still trying to agree on that one! haha 

Climbing a pole at Bondi Beach. 

LOVE these girls!!

Some moves from a naughty "tease" routine I learnt. 

Here with our awesome instructor and owner of our Pole Gym,  Kylie (bottom left). This was us graduating level 5, its always such a thrill when you finish a level and receive your certificate. 
There are other courses you can do also, including "chair" routines. 

BLOOD (on the pole), SWEAT and fortunately no TEARS! :-)

These girls have been by my side since day dot. :-) It was nice for us to be dressed up instead of wearing our usual gym gear. 

There was a fun night where men could join in for The Pole Gym's 2nd Birthday, so I dragged my husband along for a go. He did really well, but he was surprised how hard it actually is. 

My hubby and I having some fun. 

My Pole Partner-in-Crime Kellie and I love 
playing around with  tricks and taking photos. ;-)

Just a snipet of the damage I have done to myself during my time poling. 

My little boy Rhys and pole buddy Kellie. 

This trick is called a "Butterfly". 

"Musical Mayhem" performance night. (Moulin Rouge)

STRONG is the new skinny.

My boys enjoy coming along and watching and sometimes giving it a go too. 
"Women in Uniform" performance night. 

My very first Performance Night was such an adrenalin rush. I was SO nervous to begin with but once I was finished I immediately wanted to do it all over again. We have a packed house each time, with around 140 people in the audience. 

Getting so much stronger and it feels good. 

Pole is an awesome way to keep fit, get strong, make new friends and H A V E   F U N!!! 

Couldn't resist a spin on the Life Guards flag pole! lol

One thing I love about Pole is we are always there looking out, encouraging, cheering on and supporting one and other. 

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