Saturday, 2 February 2013

toy story party

 My youngest son Rhys just turned 3, I decided to throw him a Toy Story Party because he loves the movies and especially loves Woody and Buzz.

This is the Dessert Table. I wanted to make it look as much like the Toy Story theme as a could, so I added Rhys' toys to the table as decorations and tried to recreate the Logo as the backdrop, I painted a canvas with the clouds and made the sign from cardboard.  

These awesome cookies were made by Frosted Cupcakes, Cookies and Cakepops

The Alien Cakepops were also made by Frosted Cupcakes, Cookies and Cakepops

I had a family friend make the cake for me.

I made these funny lil cupcakes.

I purchased the Printables on Etsy

I made these Jelly with whipped cream in them, to look like clouds in the sky.

I love this pic of Rhys, he love love loves to blow out candles :-)


  1. Thanks for a lovely party, it was so fun and well done as always! I've now removed your old blog link and put the new one onto my blog! Lou x

  2. hi i was wondering how did you do the toy name like toy story with the clouds

  3. Hi Vanessa, yes I made the sign. I just painted up a canvas with the blue then the clouds. I made the wording from cardboard and glued it on. I hope that helps you. (it was very easy) :-)