Monday, 23 June 2014

scooter party

Soooo, its that time again! The second birthday in our family for the year. This time Zac (middle boy) is turning 8! It took me all of 2 seconds to decide on his theme, he is super obsessed with bikes, skate boards and SCOOTERS! He was rapt when I suggested a party at an indoor skate park with his best mates for them to ride the ramps to their hearts content. I heard about a place called GC Compound, I went to check it out a month or so before and thought it looked like an awesome spot for a party and my boys were totally impressed!

Every year since my 3 boys were born I have thrown them a decent sized themed birthday at home and I have gotten a little tired of it the past 2 years, so generally now for the older boys I organize a party at a different venue and all I need to do is send out invites, take food and a cake and its done!! So easy :-) The boys love it and so do I, WIN WIN! 
Here are some pics of his "sickest party ever" (quoted by Zac)! 
T H E   C R E W..(minus 2)

I set up a very basic dessert/food table as there was a trestle table available.

Zac's awesome cake, I saw a pic of this on-line and had Judes Cakery make it, she did a fab job!

Zac, the birthday BOI!

Luca x

Jas and the next generation of board riders ;-)


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