Saturday, 16 March 2013


Just another day in Redland Bay....perfect!

Luca and Zac taking it all in, they have developed a love for the bay too.

"Take a stroll to the nearest water's edge, remember your place" Lyrics to one of the most beautiful songs I know "Follow the Sun" Xavier Rudd , when I am feeling lost and confused this song always makes me feel better. The video to this song was actually shot on Stradbroke Island and that Island is in our view from where we walk. :-)

Luca, melting my heart, came and sat next to me and put his arm around me....

A little hill climb we do to get a better view...and some rare brotherly love between Luca and Zac

 Rhys was a big sleepy head and missed out, luckily he woke up when we got to the pub for a play.

This GORGEOUS dog wanders along the bay all the time, up and down up and down she goes. He name is Molly!
One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is take my boys for a bike ride/walk/scoot along the bay side. I love the time of day just before the sun goes down, I never ever get tired of being by the water, its where I feel the happiest. After we're finished we quite often head to our Local Hotel (pub), they have a great playground there that the boys love and there is always lots of kids to play with and sometimes a band playing. I can sit back with a glass of wine whilst watching the boys have fun and relax....blisssssss

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