Wednesday, 8 January 2014

christmas in the city

There is nothing like soaking up Christmas atmosphere in the lead up to the big day in Brisbane City. Each year we take a ride into the City to look at the Christmas displays in the Myer windows and to see the big Christmas tree at King George Square. This year we had the added bonus of watching a lovely Christmas Parade through the mall and a magical lights display projected on the front of City Hall. Once the crowds settled after the parade it was a near perfect night watching the lights and sitting by the huge tree with my family. I enjoyed it so much that I went along the next night with my Mum and two nieces.
The Myer windows were a bit disappointing this year, still good but I have seen much better in previous years.

There were giant decorations sitting throughout the City and this Rocking Horse was my favorite.

Zac was having a blast taking Polaroids on his new camera.

City Hall by day. {pretty}

During the parade the Three Wise Men (I loved the camels) were my favorite...besides all the cute kids that is.

City Hall, all lit up with the most clever and magical light show, it was a short tale and the way in which it was done to use every part of the building was incredible. I watched it many times over and saw something different each time.

City Hall by night. {spectacular}

My stunning nieces, out to dinner with my Mum and I.

The Mall at night.

Mum and I.

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