Monday, 14 April 2014

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My first ever time in Melbourne will be one weekend that I will never forget. My girlfriend Chelsea and I planned a 3 day girls shopping weekend in Melbourne, with both of us being mothers of just boys we occasionally crave "girl time". Well it didn't get much girlier than this, starting our trip with champagne, mani's and pedi's we jam packed as much as physically possible into our "time out". Sleep wasn't really on the agenda, so we literally shopped and partied till we dropped. It was the of the best times I have had in my life and completely fell in love with Melbourne City.

Here a some pics of our little escape xx

Chelsea doing some serious research on the plane trip. ;-)

We're HERRREE!!!

Just arrived and already offerd drinks "on the house" CHEERS!!!

Next stop, nails!

Our first shopping experience was in Zara, I think we were in there for a good two hours (on our first time in there, we went back again), we lost each other with excitement and spent majority of our budget there too.

Yummy Vietnamese.

Here we go, our first night out on the town! This started off average, ended up being one of the best nights we've ever had. Crazy and funny memories were certainly made!

Crown Casino, more drinks on the house! WINNING!!

Not the most attractive picture, but oh so fun!!!

Time for some serious shopping, on our way to Bridge Road. { I was hung over a hell. :-( }

Lygon Street Italian Precinct for dinner, a wonderful Melbourne experience bartering for the best dinner.

More cocktails...

                                                   OMG, if you haven't been, you MUST go to Brunetti  for coffee and cake!! TO-DIE-FOR!!!!

Her Majesty's Theatre.

The Spice Market, Nite Club.

We were lucky enough to be in Melbourne for the one night a year that "White Night" was on. This is Flinders Street Station all lit up. It was a great atmosphere in the City with around 500, 000 people enjoying the festivities. 

I LOVED all the Lane ways throughout the City, especially the Graffiti lanes!

Night two, lets do this!!!

Day 3, shopping the city and Harbour Town.


I was super excited to ride the trams, something I had not done before.

This is what you would call SUCCESS!!!!

This time we were on our way to St Kilda for dinner and sight seeing.

Luna Park, Port Phillip Bay St Kilda.

Our final night out in Melbourne, keeping up the cheeky selfies!

Reality hits, we are going home.... :-(

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