Sunday, 28 July 2013

a mini snow adventure

This past June I was invited to celebrate my Grandfathers 90th Birthday and was also attending my 20 year High School Reunion in my Hometown of Young. Both party's were exactly one week apart over the school holidays and were in NSW (we live in QLD) so we decided to make it a road trip adventure visiting lots of places and family and the SNOW on our travels. It was to be only my second time at the snow, I went once when I was a teenager and the very first time for my husband and children. We were a little nervous of how cold it would be as we're spoiled with lovely warm weather living in Brisbane; well it was collllld but we loved it and had an absolute ball. We only had two days there and visited both Perisher and Thredbo, both beautiful but we would really love to go back to Thredbo another time; that was our pick of the two. Here are some pictures of our fun in the snow.
On our way to Jindabyne from Canberra.

Long, lonnng roads and paddocks and thinking that we will never see snow.

Driving through Cooma and towns along the way, we see snowman signs but no sight of actual snow, we must be getting close though. :-) The temperature gauge in the car was dropping a degree every few kilometers.

We made it!! Perisher -5 degrees..brrrrr

Daddy and his boys.

The boys couldn't wait to have snowball fights and this wall was perfect to hide behind whist they played with Dad.

Little Rhys (3) was hilarious, he just went flying down the hills on his tummy...that boys has no fear!!

Oh it was collllllllddddddd........

Little Rhys feeling warm and content again. Cutie xx

Day 2 and we hired some toboggans.
This was a crazy day, snowing very heavily. 35cm of snow overnight and still snowing.

The snow and cold was all too much for Rhys and he cried a lot.


Snow angel time.

My first ever snowman. :-)

Thredbo, fantastic for families and smaller children.

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