Friday, 18 October 2013

10th birthday awesomeness

My eldest son is now DOUBLE DIGITS!!! Can't believe my first born baby boy is now 10. I have given my boys a birthday party each year to celebrate their special day and they love it. Over the past 12 months my life seems to have gotten busier and with 3 young boys, a husband that works away and a busy home to run I am finding the whole birthday party at home a bit too much. The last party I had from my middle son was a Lego Party at Bricks n Fun (a Lego building centre) and it was a success for the kids and me. So whenever possible I will look for party ideas at different venues that include entertainment for the kids. This time I decided on going to Dracula's Theatre Restaurant on the Gold Coast as the do a show and birthday package especially for children, Drax 4 Kids 

I invited the kids over 1 hour prior to our departure for some morning tea (and to make sure no-one was late) and fortunately my husband had a work vehicle at home which happened to be a van big enough to fit all the kids in. I drove down with a couple of my girlfriends and hubby took a crazy, happy and loud group of kiddies. We live about an hours drive from there and I was happy to be in the nice peaceful car. haha

Right from the start there was FUN being had. The kids each went in on a Ghost Train (they were freaking out a little) and then they had photos, got ushered into the restaurant. There were snacks and drinks already on the tables, and during the show more drinks and the finger food was coming out. The show itself was FANTASTIC and the adults loved it just as much as the kids. The entire place was booked out with kids parties so each birthday child had their cake put in front of them and everyone sang Happy Birthday to them. 

They also included each child in an on-stage competition which was very funny. My son Luca was one of 3 to be in a Whoopie Cushion competition. At the end of the show all the kids were invited up on stage for a disco, finished it all off perfectly. 

Anyway, here are some photos of the day. Luca said  "It was his BEST birthday ever!" and the kids were raving about it, even at school the following week! I think this kind of party is great for this age group, and would highly recommend it. 

Some yummy treats for the kids before we left. 

My boys and I. 

Getting excited!!!

On the road. 

We're here!!!! YAY!!!

Luca having fun posing with the skeletons. 


The Birthday Boy!

Our party table. 

Intently watching the show. 

Luca up on stage...He was oh-so-serious! haha

The whoopie cushion comp..was very funny. 

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