Friday, 18 October 2013

sand on my feet and salt in my hair

This year has probably been one of the most exhausting in my life, and as we are starting to approach summer and Christmas I was starting to feel very tired and the need to slow down a little, even it could only be for a few days. 

My lovely husband booked a few nights away for us to the Gold Coast, I had been craving some beach time for quite a while and it was exactly what we all needed. Lots of food, drink, sun and surf and no watching the clock....bliss. 
so so so happy....the beach and fresh air makes me smile. 

I am happily relaxed by the pool whilst the boys have "boy time".

Would love to start my day everyday like this,  walking and viewing this amazing coastline. 

Rhys, fast asleep on the beach. 

Cute cheeks, nudey bum checking out the pool. 

Lets eat, drink and be merry. :-)

Luca, enjoying a night swim while we cook a bbq dinner. 

Paradise at Burliegh Heads. 

A crazy afternoon. We got completely bombarded by hundreds of Seagulls, hovering just above our heads and eating from our hands. 

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