Wednesday, 6 November 2013

trick or treat

WOW! What a Halloween we had this year!!! Each year Halloween is getting bigger in Australia & my boys and I are loving all the fun it brings. This year we were invited to a friends annual Halloween Party on the Friday night before, then we had "actual" Halloween "Trick or Treating" the Thursday after and THEN I was invited to another Halloween Party on that Friday night. So needless to say, there were lots of lollies consumed and a lot of dressing up in that one week. 

Here are some pictures of our fun...from decorations, to costumes and all that's in between.

Gotta love a good freaky clown! 

The party host Cass, looking super cute as a wind-up doll. 

This cute little pumpkin was very naughty!


This was such a FUN night, my kids were at home with a sitter and I was out PARTYING! haha

Do you like my red contacts? I was freaking everyone out, especially my poor kids! lol 

This one I was a She-devil. 

Busy busy busy....lots of trick or treaters out and about. 

This was at my neighbour around the corners home, they go all out with decorations and even put on a special spooky show for the neighbourhood. 

This guy gave me the CREEPS!!! He stayed in character. eeeek....

A few of my girlfriends and my sisters kids all come to our to head out Trick or Treating. :-)

Doesn't get ANY cuter than this!!! 

My little Rhys as Woody. 

Luca found this Zombie look on Youtube and asked me to recreate. It was a rush job and placed in wrong position but turned out ok for me first attempt. 

I am an ANGEL! lol

My lifelong friend Lou {Vampire} and I playing our roles...very well I think! haha

The other party host Leesa, looking amazing!

How fantastic were these hand painted cupcakes. 

Love the portrait wall Leesa puts up for Halloween. 
My lil army dude...Zac. 

Luca, the tech/dj/game boy!

How adorable were my little Tough Mudders. 


  1. Looks fantastic Lisa, you had a massive week of Halloween fun!!! You did great with all the costumes and your red eye contacts look amazing. Lou x

  2. Thanks Lou, it was such a fun week, can't believe how huge it a week long party. :-) xx