Monday, 9 December 2013

banks and jonsy wed

It was the wedding of my husbands younger sister Bianca to her long time partner and father of her 3 boys Jon. Banks and Jon have so much love for one and other, they are an fun, adventurous and free spirited young couple and they have done so much with their 3 young boys in their time together.

Their wedding was on the NSW Central Coast. It was a casual affair (so very Banks and Jon) and was completely full of love. The ceremony was unlike any other I have been to before. It was on the beach and although there was a celebrant present to make it all official, they only words that were spoken during the ceremony were from Banks and Jon's closest (chosen) family and friends and themselves. What made it even more special was Bianca actually sang to Jon during the ceremony, it was beautiful. 

 So, due to silly lack of planning we missed our flight and had to wait almost 6 hours for the next one. It wasn't the best way to start our weekend but at least we got to sit and relax in peace, which is a big change for us (mainly me!).
Boarding the plane finally.

Since we missed our plane, we only arrived in a nick of time to get ready for the wedding. I had to use my iPhone camera as a mirror to do my hair and makeup... Here, I was so happy to be there, ready and have a glass of bubbles.

Jas and his beautiful sister on her Wedding Day.

Us x

Jas and his Dad. Like father, like son isn't it!

Jas and Jimmy x

Banks and Jon's eldest boys, Xavier and Kingston all excited!

So natural and so beautiful.

So much love right there.

I had to sneak in a pic with the wedding car! How gorgeous is this Beatle!!

Very special idea, you place your finger print on the tree and sign your name.

Jas and his Dad watching the speeches.

Jas having a boogie with his Nana, Jean still loves to rock the dance floor.

Jas' younger brother Tasman and his girlfriend, the sweetest young couple.

We stayed at these beautiful historic Lighthouse Cottages, I would love to go back there again and spend some quality time.

Crazy as it sounds, but we also managed to miss out flight home too, (don't ask) and we drove into Newcastle for a lovely brunch before flying home.

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