Friday, 7 February 2014

'straya day

My spunky monkey Zac and I all decked out Aussie style! ;-)

I was bed ridden all week due to rib fracture and whip lash after a car accident but I forced myself to get up and celebrate Australia Day even if was just for a couple of hours! So glad I did, I really needed the fresh air and company.

Car selfies of my 3 cheeky boys and I!!

Daddy and his boys.

My gorgeous baby nephew Harper...looking ever so cute stamped with "Made in Australia"

Footy in the park.

Jas and my Dad.

Two of my best friends in the world xx

This is a special photo to me...these boys are how and why we met one and other. They're the same age and started school (prep) together 5 years ago and we met and became friends from they all go to different schools but we're all still the closest of friends...we're more like family. xx

lil Miss India Pearl looking so grown up and pretty.

My darling nephew...sorry just had to snap one pic of you looking funny! ;-)

Our kids!

Luca and Zac eating "sandy" lamingtons!! So "Aussie"

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