Friday, 7 February 2014

the death of my polo

                                   From one extreme------------------------> To another!

Well this was a very exciting day!!! Picking up my brand new VW Polo GTI with all the extra's on Christmas Eve, VERY fancy for me!! I had been dreaming of being able to drive around a cute zippy car for a while and my dream came true!

The perfect car for me to drive around with my boys...

As you can see the boys loved it just as much as me!!

Approx 3.5 weeks later after vacuuming out the car and about to wash her, I had a bad reversing accident. Over $30K damage and deemed a "write off" and me with cuts, bruising, grazes, whip lash and rib fracture my high went to a LOW!!! I created some drama in our usually quiet street...2 ambulance, a fire truck. police and 3 tow trucks and street closure..even a radio announcement!! All in all, it could have been much much worse so I am eternally grateful for that my kids or anyone else wasn't hurt. 

LOTS of morphine and drugs later I still felt shocking!!! :-(

My lovely neighbour baked these for my kids to cheer them up :-)

Somehow I ended up with a massive bruise on my hip? Photo doesn't do the size and colour justice. Plus I has a badly bruised year and head on the opposite side of my body to this. I had very random injuries.

Feeling very depressed and in agony one-two week later. All I could do way lay down, very uncomfortably at that. Very hard for me as I am normally a very active person who doesn't sit still for more than 5 minutes. I am very fortunate though, I had my hubby looking after me, my sister bringing over dinners, my sister in law buying groceries, my mother in law cooking and buying food and lots lovely flowers given to me plus my other sister-in-law giving me a very thoughtful gift. Many many lovely messages and phone calls. I know how loved and cared for I am, especially at times like these. xx
Never spent so many hours in the bath...feels so good to relaxing and warming my sore back and rib!! I loved these divine bath bombs Sharna (my sis-in-law) gave me.

Going out the the movies, 10 days first proper outing....

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